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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Act Out Ridiculous Plays Written By Children

"The whole Earth would turn into toilets."

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube

During the most recent installment of The Tonight Show’s segment Kid Theatre, host Jimmy Fallon invited actor Jack Black to do a live reading of plays he had children write based on the title of Black’s New movie, The House with a Clock in Its Walls. Their performances were more proof that when asked, children don’t write super simple stories. More often than not, if what they wrote was put to screen it’d look less like a Disney movie and more like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Their first story revolves around two friends Cindy and Lizzie. One of them is petting a cat while the other explains that her house has a clock in the wall (a bit on the nose, but kids will be kids). Cindy begins to show Lizzie how the clock’s arms move and Lizzie notes how much it looks like a dance. The two then “danced together for 10 months straight and missed the whole year of school.”

The second one gets even weirder. Two boys are sitting around in one of their houses. The two decide they want to make sandwiches, but only if they can go into a secret cellar for pickles. Once in the pickle cellar, One of the boys takes note of the strange clock while the other explains all the strange nonsense that happens when it’s gets turned on.

“The clock speeds up and then we see images of toilets, then ghost pirates in toilets playing guitars,” Black reads.

The last scene was actually written about two autonomous clocks standing next to each other until one goes “I’m so sick of being a clock.” Unlike the other scenes, there was a punchline in this one. The other clock immediately responds “Yeah, I can’t even see what time it is.” Somehow this results in the two of them spitting a Yo MTV Raps era freestyle about getting free of their kind of weird clock purgatory.