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Jimmy Fallon Got Way Too Excited Watching His Daughter Win the Arcade Claw Machine

"This is so worth 300 dollars."


Jimmy Fallon was a very proud parent on Sunday when his daughter, Frances, bested the notoriously-difficult-to-beat claw machine. The Tonight Show host shared a video of the four-year-old’s win, along with his incredibly enthusiastic reaction, to Instagram.

While the clip starts with Fallon using the controls, Frances soon reaches her hands up towards the machine, clearly wanting a turn. Her dad lets her step in, advising, “Try to get that cat right there,” as he points to a bright pink stuffed leopard. “Now press the button.”

Much to Fallon’s surprise, Frances successfully snatches the animal off the bottom of the machine. Reaching down to pull it out, he exclaims, “Franny! We got it! We actually got it! Wow, that never happens. That’s unbelievable!”

“Oh my god, this is so worth 300 dollars,” the 44-year-old joked, hugging Frances. “Wow, that is insane.” He then turns to wife, Nancy Juvonen, who’s filming it all, and says, “That’s it, we gotta go home.”

With nearly a million views so far, fans love the heartwarming video. One joked, “Hard to say who was happier…Jimmy or his daughter.”

And Fallon, who also has five-year-old Winnie, has always played the role of proud dad. In a past interview with PEOPLE, he said, “I’m the guy who shows you pictures of their kid on the phone and I go, ‘Isn’t this the cutest thing?’ I’m showing pictures of the kids to cab drivers, everyone. Like, ‘You gotta see what they wore today! It’s so cute!’ And no one cares. That is the truth.”

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