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Watch The 47-Year-Old Thanksgiving Movie By Jim Henson That Pre-Dates ‘Sesame Street’

Now that even the Muppets are cracking jokes that seem more suitable to an episode of Spongebob Squarepants (which, incidentally, might be why your kid likes Spongebob Squarepants so much), you may be pining for some holiday programming more reminiscent of vintage Jim Henson. If so, you’re in luck: Henson’s Turkey Hollow airs Saturday, 11/21, on Lifetime, so set your DVR accordingly.

If that title doesn’t ring a bell, it’s not yet another indication that your memory is going. The 2-hour, live-action-but-puppet-heavy holiday special was originally conceived by Henson with his writing partner Jerry Juhl in 1968, but was shelved when another project they were working on gained momentum. That project was Sesame Street, and it left poor Turkey Hollow in the dust — literally. The script and a few of the original puppets were recently rediscovered by Henson’s daughter, who now oversees her father’s company.

Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow

The movie, which includes star turns from Ludacris and Mary Steenburgen, as well as a bunch of never-before-seen, adorable monsters, has been updated to center around 2 siblings who pay a Thanksgiving visit to their luddite aunt living in a WiFi-less, cable-less town. Whether your kids find the monsters or the lack of internet more terrifying is an open question.

The other open question? Whether you use the flick as a chance for some bonding over a quality family program with your kids, or just let it mesmerize them while you take a well-deserved, post turkey gorging nap.

( H/T: New York Times)