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Meet Jimbot: Jim Gaffigan’s Hungry, Self-Deprecating Chatbot

No matter what you ask, he's going to want to talk about food.

Of all the celebrity dads out there, Jim Gaffigan might be the daddest of them all. A father of five, his routine always touches upon the madness and mundanity of family life. Plus snacks. The man just wants to eat, sleep, and survive trying to raise his brood at the same time. Now, thanks to the newly launched Jimbot, he can be your best friend on the internet for the next two days. To help promote his upcoming Noble Ape tour, which kicks off next week, Gaffigan created Jimbot, a “choose your own adventure” style chatbot that lets you see what it’s like to have a conversation with Jim Gaffigan. Unsurprisingly, most of it revolves around food.

Jimbot is not quite advanced enough to answer any question fans might have about the actual Gaffigan. But it is armed to field questions about his kids, food, comedy, and general sloth. No matter which one you choose, however, Jimbot is going to want to talk about food, peppering in dad jokes and self-deprecating shots at his physical appearance.

There is one brief and exciting moment where Jimbot appears to be asking you to join it to help overthrow the real Jim Gaffigan. Could the singularity begin with a stand-up comedian’s promotional Facebook messenger? Sadly, Jimbot manages to get a hold of itself before any sort of uprising can begin and returns to making fun of “that awful beard he’s sporting these days.”

Of course, this is a promotional tool, so eventually, Jimbot is going to want to let you know that its creator and potential destroyer is heading on a nationwide tour. It is a little sad to not get more time with Jimbot before it switches to its sales pitch, but such is life. Jimbot is only around until Friday, so get chatting with him while you still can. Hopefully for his next tour, we all get to have a chat with hotpocketbot, a bot that answers every question with Gaffigan singing the signature jingle.