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Jessica Simpson Shuts-Down Parent Shamers on Instagram

Her face is right next to the word 'unbothered' in the dictionary.

Instagram Jessica Simpson

After keeping her cool on social media and not saying anything, singer Jessica Simpson clapped back at the parent shamers who saw fit to put down the mother of two after she posted a video of her four-year-old son Ace doing backflips in the pool with the help of her husband Eric Johnson. While that just seems like regular old kid stuff, people seemed to really take issue with the fact that he was in the pool with a cast on. Well, during an interview with Extra, Simpson made it clear just how little their comments mean to her. 

“I posted Ace in the pool with a cast on because there is really no stopping a child, that’s him, he only has to have the cast on for three weeks … I don’t even know if the cast molded on to him yet,” she said. “Listen, it makes him happy and it’s kids being kids. He is in my husband’s hands. I know he’s okay.”

A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE

A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

The controversy arose in the comments section for two reasons. For starters, and more ridiculously, there was no dearth of commenters who seemed to totally overlook the fact that seemed to overlook the #waterproofcast hashtag and chastise Simpson for letting her son get his cast wet. The second group of people got on the singer for letting her son do backflips in a pool and thus, risk getting hurt again. 

First, the kid isn’t going to re-break his arm on the water in a four-foot deep pool. Second, the concern over the wet cast is very real. A wet cast can cause the skin underneath to start rotting and can become a breeding ground for all kinds of infectious bacteria. Still, waterproof casts can only be used on a small handful of breaks and the kid is only going to be wearing it for three weeks.