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Jessica Simpson’s Instagram Post Sparked a Huge Debate About Breastfeeding

People are fired up.


Breastfeeding is a notoriously touchy topic among moms. So when Jessica Simpson proudly posted a photo of her breast milk on Instagram on Tuesday, the comments section quickly became a heated debate on the sensitive subject.

“This is what success feels like,” Simpson, 38, captioned the picture of a full bottle of what appears to be pumped milk. She gave birth to daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, her third child with husband Eric Johnson, via C-section in March.

Many fellow mothers, including Hilary Duff, Snooki and Melissa Joan Hart, praised Simpson for her nursing win, calling breast milk “liquid gold.” One fan agreed that it’s “the best feeling ever” while another admitted to “crying with joy” when she was able to pump that much.

Another chimed in with, “Not all moms can and not all moms want to [breastfeed]… It’s HARD work, it’s exhausting work, it’s painful work. Let her celebrate a thing she’s happy about.”

However, others saw the post as an unnecessary—and potentially harmful—brag, particularly for those who are unable to breastfeed due to lactation problems.

“I became depressed because I had envisioned breastfeeding my son, but due to a medical condition, my dream got crushed,” one mom admitted. She did, however, then say that “breastfeeding is a beautiful gift and I’m glad that you are able to share that with your baby.”

Another critic commented, “[Every parent] does what they need to do to feed their baby. Just remember it’s not a failure if you don’t pump or breastfeed. It’s only a failure if you don’t feed your baby anything at all,” adding the hashtag “#fedisbest.”

But regardless of where people stand on the matter, one mom reminded everyone what is most important. “Success is raising a kind child. Now that feels amazing whether or not that child was fed breast milk or formula.”

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This is what success feels like 🐄

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