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Jessica Chastain Drops Killer Photo From ‘IT: Chapter 2’

Yep. Clowns are still scary af.


Actress Jessica Chastain recently posted a teaser image for the sequel to It, the movie franchise that made you afraid of clowns, storm drains, overhead projectors, and your own damn shadow. The picture shows the young Beverly Marsh pushing the infamous red balloon across a table to the adult version of herself who will be played by Chastain in It: Chapter Two.

For those who have opted out of the It franchise because, well, it’s terrifying to even think about a cannibalistic ghost clown feasting on adolescent children. The first film followed a group of kids called the Losers Club, including, Beverly who was played by Sophia Lillis in the last It movie, but who will be played by Jessica Chastain in the next film. The new photo shows Lillis pushing handing the ballon to Chastain.

The sequel picks up after another 27-years have passed, and now Pennywise is returning to devour the adult members of the club.

It’s pretty crazy because Pennywise’s whole schtick is that he assumes the form of whatever the people he’s feasting on fear the most. Now that all the members of the Losers Club are adults, will he be assuming the form of back taxes or the endless school drop-off line? That being said, the movie will likely have to double down on clowns being horrifying enough to shake up the club members as adults. Looking forward to it.

If you simply can’t wait around for the return of Pennywise the clown, an alternate version of the character is set to appear in the new Hulu show Castle Rock which is actually coming out on July 25th of this year.