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Jessica Biel Trolls Husband Justin Timberlake With *NSYNC Halloween Costume

Complete with those famous blonde curls.


If you weren’t rich and/or famous enough to score an invite to the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party at a Beverly Hills mansion (and you almost certainly weren’t), then you missed one hell of a husband-wife costume combination.

Jessica Biel showed up with her husband Justin Timberlake dressed as…her husband Justin Timberlake. In a roast for the ages, she donned the bleached-out curls and shiny jumpsuit straight out of Timberlake’s No Strings Attached-era *NSync heyday.

Accompanied by some less famous friends, Biel was one member of a complete crew of five *NSYNC cosplayers. Timberlake, the guy who was actually in the band, dressed up as a giant microphone, his face stoic and sunglasses-clad throughout the evening, which only served to heighten the playful burn of his wife’s imitation of the look he had when he became a household name.

While not nearly as impressive a feat of engineering or creativity as, say, one dad’s epic Millenium Falcon build, it’s hard to argue with Biel’s impressive trolling of her husband.

With serious acting roles and albums that are more country than pop, it’s clear that Timberlake has sought, and largely succeeded, to leave his boy band roots behind. Biel has done something similar with her career, which also began at a young age.

Here’s hoping that next year for Halloween Timberlake returns the favor by dressing as Mary Camden, Biel’s character on 7th Heaven, which she started playing when she was 14. Because if being in a boy band is a trollable offense, then certainly appearing on a sappy family drama is too.