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Jerry Seinfeld’s Kid Was Just Busted For Setting Up A Lemonade Stand In The Hamptons

Last week, the First Family Of Sitcoms, the Seinfelds, had a run in with the law as lame as the notorious Good Samaritan Law infraction that ended dad’s classic TV show. One of the family’s neighbors in the New York beach town of East Hampton called the local police to complain about illegally parked cars, and the culprit was Julian Seinfeld, age 12. He was hawking lemonade without a permit, which is a crime even if all proceeds were slated to go to Baby Buggy, his mother’s charity that provides essential services, gear, and toys to underprivileged families.

After learning about the lemonade debacle, local baker Tate’s Bake Shop picked up where Julien was forced to leave off. It started donating proceeds of its cookie sales to the charity and, presumably, set off a wave of “Look to the cookie, Elaine!” references.

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The whole sordid affair provides 2 important lessons: First, one ill-tempered neighbor can’t keep the good people of the Hamptons from donating some of their (considerable) wealth to charity. Second, there is a Seinfeld reference for literally every situation in the history of mankind.