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Jermaine Fowler Admits Becoming a Dad Made Him Cry Watching ‘Taken’

The actor never realized how fatherhood would change his perspective on everything.

Earlier this year, Superior Donuts star Jermaine Fowler became a dad to a little girl named Tibet. Last night, Fowler went on The Late Show to talk with Stephen Colbert about how she forever changed the way he will Taken — also known as that movie where Liam Neeson trachea-punches everyone in Paris. Fowler told Colbert that, after Tibet, his entire perspective on movies has shifted and he’s way more susceptible to mood swings, to the point where he cried watching Liam Neeson trying to rescue his pretend daughter.

What scene brought Fowler to tears? None other than the one where Neeson’s character helplessly listens to his daughter’s abduction. (testosterone dips are real, new dads). Fowler then explained that if he wants to make sure he never has to experience anything like that in his life, he is going to have to acquire “a specific set of skills,” which any father can understand.

The actor also talked about the fact that growing up poor has left him totally in the dark about how to babyproof his house, as his parents would simply yell at him if he touched anything off-limits.  Fowler shouldn’t worry too much, however, because we’re fairly certain that a dad’s specific set of skills includes a deep knowledge of babyproofing.