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Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Called Her a ‘Fun-Killing Mom’

Kids say the darndest things.

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

“When I grow up, I want to be a fun-killing mom just like you!” That’s what Jennifer Garner‘s nine-year-old daughter Seraphina scribbled in a hilarious note to her mom, which the Peppermint actress shared Friday on her Instagram.

“Is this a nine-year-old burn? Or the ultimate compliment?” Garner wrote in her post, which showed the ripped piece of paper with Seraphina’s message scrawled in blue permanent marker. The 46-year-old mom of three (who also has Violet, 12, and Samuel, 6, with ex-husband Ben Affleck) ended her caption with the witty hashtags “#funkillingmom” and “#illtakealovenotehoweveritcomes.”

And she’s not the only parent who has been accused of being what Garner’s middle child calls “fun-killing.” Some of the actress’ 3.8 million followers shared their own stories of #momproblems. “I am often told that I am a fun sponge- I suck the fun out of everything!!!!” wrote one user. Another commented, “It’s nice to know there are other fun-killing moms out there! I think that’s one sign that we’re slaying at this parenthood thing.”

It isn’t the first time that Garner has proven she has quite the sense of humor when it comes to parenting, either. From her reading of Go the F*ck to Sleep (a bedtime story which features relatable lines like “For real, shut the f*ck up and sleep.”) to her tongue-in-cheek mom advice music video, she knows that being a parent means taking everything in stride.

After all, as she revealed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, “[Kids] are smarter than you are, so just be ready for that.”