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Get Motivated By Watching Jennifer Garner Marie Kondo Her Junk Drawer

Less mess = less stress.

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Jennifer Garner is the latest celeb to hop on the Marie Kondo bandwagon. On Wednesday, the Peppermint actress shared a video to Instagram of her attempting to use the KonMari method to clean out her junk drawer.

Tagging the organizational guru herself, Garner captioned the video, “@mariekondo—I’m all about it #doubloonssparkjoy #junkdrawer #canyoucomeover.”

Kondo, who rose to fame after publishing her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in 2014, has recently returned to the spotlight thanks to the popular new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Her approach to organizing, which is known as the KonMari method, is based on choosing to keep only the things that “spark joy” in a person’s life.

That’s exactly what Garner tried to keep in mind as she tackled the mess that is her junk drawer. Tying on a rain bonnet that she finds laying on top, the 46-year-old proceeds to sort through the clutter, uncovering things like belts, a lint roller, “doubloons,” and something from Invisalign.

“Why? Why do I have it? I don’t know,” she asks herself as she cleans. One of the highlights is when Garner comes across a Popsocket, which she says, “Oh this is one of those things that makes people like smoke their phone.”

And while Garner included a sneaky plea for Kondo’s help in one of her hashtags (“can you come over”), she’ll have to join a long line of others in need of the Japanese cleaning consultant’s services. According to her book’s Amazon listing, Kondo currently has a three-month-long waiting list.