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Jennifer Garner Sums Up Parenting With Hilarious Meme

The actress and mother of three shows how she feels at the beginning ⏤ and end ⏤ of summer break

@jennifer.garner Instagram

With her three kids headed back to school after a long summer break, actress Jennifer Garner posted the perfect picture to describe how parents feel on the first and last days of summer break. And it’s pretty damn hilarious.

The photo is a split screen with two very different pictures of Garner. On the left side, Garner is a mom at the beginning of summer, smiling widely with a crisp piece of white paper that reads “Fun Summer Ideas.” And on the right, a picture that was seemingly taken on the set of The Walking Dead. Well, not actually, but it does depict the 46-year-old actress at the end of the summer. Her smile may be equally as wide but she’s got a bloody grill and open gashes on her face.

Kudos to Garner for making the meme herself. Celebrities are so often the crux of meme culture, but it’s not often that they throw their own hat into the ring and actually make a meme. Let alone one of themselves. While the picture on the right is a little bit gruesome, it’s fair to note that the blood is actually fake. By the looks of it, the picture was taken during the filming of Garner’s newest movie Peppermint.

Peppermint is Garner’s first foyer back into the action realm since the early aughts. In it, she plays a mom whose daughter and husband was killed by a cartel. After their killers aren’t brought to justice, Garner’s character goes on a badass vigilante justice spree to take care of things herself. Tough Garner isn’t trading blows with cartels in real life, sending her kids back to school may feel as rewarding as winning against one.