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Jell-O Play is Basically Edible Lego and Definitely Genius

Is it a dessert that's a toy or a toy that's a dessert?


Jell-O is an inherently fun dessert even if you don’t like the way it tastes. You can slurp it, stack it, even throw it around. It’s always been more toylike than most other foods. Now, after 121 years of kids playing with their food, the company behind the gelatin dessert is finally leaning into the trend. The Kraft Heinz Company just introduced Jell-O Play, a new line of edible toys. JELL-O Play Kits are composed of packets of powdered, flavored gelatin deserts and items designed to facilitate play.

Cutters kits include cookie cutters so kids can make fun shapes with their Jell-O. Building blocks include molds shaped like bricks similar to LEGO pieces. Kids can assemble and disassemble brick-shaped Jell-O pieces one they set. Edible Stickers kits come with stickers you can stick on pieces of Jell-O and eat afterwards.


The gelatin itself is a bit stiffer than traditional JELL-O gelatin, presumably to increase the structural integrity of kids’ creations. But fear not: once you’re done playing with your Jell-O Play Kit you can, of course, gulp down your dessert.

Each item in the Jell-O Play line retails for less than $5. At launch, they are available at HEB, Amazon, and both the toy aisle and the gelatin aisle at Target stores. It will be expanding to other stores nationwide throughout the summer.