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Jeff Goldblum Will Star In New Show In Which He’s Just Curious About Stuff

There isn't a release date yet, but this looks to fun to not check out.

Universal Pictures

You realize that no one has ever questioned the internet’s obsession with Jeff Goldblum? In actuality, it’s almost Beyonce-esque in the sense that millions of people could watch him do anything and then go “ Hell yeah, I’d watch a whole show about that!” Well, life finds a way, here’s the chance. Goldblum is actually teaming up with National Geographic on a 12 part docu-series called The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum.

Since playing Dr. Ian Malcolm in the original Jurassic Park, with every role, and one could argue every public appearance in general, Goldblum has continued brimming with this inexplicable cool. Honestly, his ability to be kind of cavalier, compelling, and weird at the same time makes him the perfect person to star in a show where “he embarks on a journey across the globe to uncover the extraordinary stories behind the world’s most ‘ordinary’ things.”

Goldblum, calls curiosity “a fundamental human trait,” and noted that as a reason that he believed in  National Geographic’s ability help him “expand our understanding of the world around us in creative and entertaining ways” with the show. It’s funny because that is a far cry from one of his most famous lines where he chides the guy who just resurrected a friggin velociraptor by saying that his “scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Fortunately, when it comes to the show,  Goldblum will be exploring how people make stuff like ice cream, baseballs, balloons, and coffee, not prehistoric animals.