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Watch Jason Sudeikis’s Son Nail a Michael Jackson Impersonation

The 4-year-old busts a move to the King of Pop's 1995 hit "Scream."


In a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, actor Jason Sudeikis shared a quick video of his son dancing while doing a fantastic Michael Jackson impersonation. While other kids might go through a phase where they’re obsessed with something like baseball or anime, Sudeikis laughingly noted that his son is only obsessed with the King of Pop.

The actor explained that his son Otis’s newfound love for Jackson is a blessing, because he and his wife, actress Olivia Wilde, get to experience “great tunes and amazing videos.” In the video shared by Sudeikis on the show, Otis is practicing his choreography for Michael Jackson’s “Scream,” and it’s quite a hit.

In the video, Otis’s nanny caught the four-year-old practicing his moves beat-for-beat while glued to the television. Hilariously, once the little boy got wind that he was being recorded, he immediately abandoned the routine and ran out of the frame and across the room.

Sudeikis also shared that this new obsession has indirectly given Otis a greater appreciation for his one year old sister, Daisy: “All Daisy does is want to play, but playing to her is putting his toys in her mouth. So he gets really mad about that, understandably,” the actor said. “When I explained to him that that’s Janet Jackson and Micheal Jackson, and Janet Jackson is Micheal’s younger sister, it’s kind of like ‘oh, she might be useful! He recognizes that, which is good.”