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Jason Momoa Wearing a Tank Top to the Golden Globes Is the Best 2020 Look So Far

This is who we all are deep down.

Credit: Twitter / WLKYJulie

The 77th annual Golden Globe Awards happened last night, and with it, everyone was talking about who won what award and what all the stars were all dressed up in. It’s award season which means gowns and tuxedos and best and worst dressed lists are going to enter the online conversations. Sure, fashion is subjective, but when the camera panned over to Jason Momoa wearing a black tank top at the Golden Globes, it became clear that he wins for the best look.

The 40-year-old Aquaman star stood out when the camera panned passed him. In a sea of pretty much the same black tuxedo we see every year, Momoa’s bare arms captured the attention of people watching the show, and Twitter lit up.

“JASON MOMOA IS IN A TANK TOP I’M SCREAMING #GoldenGlobes,” someone on social media wrote. The moment was caught when Brian Cox won for his role in Succession and walked past Momoa and his guns.

“Can someone please direct the camera back to Jason Momoa in tank top at golden globes?” another fan shared.

He didn’t show up on the red carpet wearing just a tank top, which is why his arms got so much attention. No one was ready for it, and his decision to remove his emerald green velvet jacket was a mood and the best look of 2020 so far. Something maybe only Momoa could pull off.

No one got a sound bite from the star explaining why he took his guns out at the award show. I can guess it was hot and stuffy in there, and that’s why he removed his jacket. But we know this man knows his assets and he probably wanted to remind us there’s no dad bod here.