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Jason Momoa Is Using His Dad Bod to Make the World a Better Place

As if there weren't enough reasons to love him.


Remember when Jason Momoa was body-shamed for vaguely resembling an average human being? Well, the Game of Thrones star is taking advantage of the unwanted attention by taking a stand on an issue close to his heart. Momoa recently shared snapshots from a protest against the building of an astronomical observatory in his birthplace of Hawaii, and his dad bod conveyed an important message.

The construction of the observatory has been adamantly protested by the Hawaiian people, as it’s planned site on Mauna Kea is considered a sacred mountain. Momoa and his son were a part of a recent protest, as seen in the photos shared to the actor’s Instagram over the weekend. On his shirtless body, Momoa wrote the message “TMT + Canary Islands = discovery”. His son’s body read: “TMT + Mauna Kea = desecration.”

“We are the unexpected we are the resistance we will never give up,” the Aquaman actor wrote in the caption, “TMT you are welcome in Canary Islands the conditions are better and you are welcome there even better the best conditions Morocco but if no one wants u TMT than shoot it to space. Please leave our mauna alone. You have taken enough from our people monarchy overthrown. Leave us alone. NO is NO.” He also included the hashtag “#dadbodisagreatbillboard”, referencing the recent commentary on his physique.

Clearly, Momoa is embracing his body, even if it is considered a “dad bod” by some. Not only that, he’s using it to bring attention to an important issue. Take that, trolls.