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Jason Momoa Had the Perfect Response for Trolls Mocking His ‘Dad Bod’

Can we let him live?!


Jason Momoa is just trying to live his life. Between keeping the DC Cinematic Universe afloat as Aquaman and ringing in his 40th birthday, the man deserves some rest and relaxation. But that didn’t stop the trolls from coming for his alleged “dad bod” on a recent vacation. The actor has finally responded to the rude comments, and let’s just say it was exactly what we’d expect from him.

Earlier this month, photos surfaced of Momoa on an Italian getaway with his family. People were quick to call out his “dad bod”, which really wasn’t a dad bod at all, and more like a very fit person enjoying themselves on vacation. The internet quickly came to his defense, saying that Momoa is allowed to take a break from the gym, while also calling out the fact that he still looks incredible. But this week, Momoa himself finally responded to the absurd comments.

While leaving  Los Angeles International Airport this week, a TMZ paparazzo asked Momoa about his recent birthday celebration. The videographer said that the actor’s Guinness cake probably wasn’t helping the rumors about his dad bod, to which Momoa rubbed his stomach and replied: “Oh, that’s alright.” When asked if the comments were offensive, Momoa laughed and said: “No, not at all.” He even added, “Tell TMZ I’ll show you my dad bod soon,” as he got into his car.

Clearly, Momoa remains unfazed by the comments and enjoyed his Guinness cake without a trace of guilt. As he should.