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You Know You Want the Jason Momoa Coloring Book. You Need the Jason Momoa Coloring Book

As "adult" coloring books go, this one is solid.

Credit: Amazon / Maurizio Campidelli

The world likes us to have beautiful things and because of this, we’re now given the opportunity to reduce our stress and make our day a little brighter. There’s a Jason Momoa coloring book available and I need one; you need one and we both deserve this in our life.

Titled Crush and Color: Jason Momoa: A Coloring Book of Fantasies With an Epic Dreamboat, this coloring book illustrated by Maurizio Campidelli features a variety of images that you get to decorate the picture however you want. Taking a peek inside, we can see Momoa walking with a bunch of dogs, surfing with his muscles popping, and on a boat with his long locks flowing in the wind. There are 35 “completely unique, life-like drawings of Jason Momoa in the zone and on top of the world,” included in the coloring book.

It’s lovely, and the description of the book makes this sound like the perfect way to unwind and reduce some stress at the end of a long workday. “Escape to your very own rugged utopia with Jason Momoa! Crush and Color: Jason Momoa is a collection of daydreams come to life on incredible coloring pages,” the description reads.

“Let him take the helm on a sunset sail, witness impressive physical strength as he scales a colossal cliffside, and take in the serenity of quieter moments through colorable works of art.” OK, I’m ready for this. Really ready. You can buy it right here:

I’m sold already. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this offering sells out fast. It has already caught the attention of a lot of people and has landed at the top spot on Amazon’s hot new releases in comics and coloring books for grown-ups since it was released on January 7th.

Momoa can do no wrong and this coloring book is the gift we all need. It’s available for purchase on Amazon, so maybe pick it up, and a pack of your favorite coloring pencils and go live your best life.