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Jason Momoa Celebrated His Birthday in the Most Jason Momoa Way Possible

There was a Guinness cake involved and his Game of Thrones costars were there.

Youtube/Jason Momoa

If there was any doubt that Jason Momoa is the epitome of manliness, his recent birthday party will certainly clear things up. The Game of Thrones and Aquaman star was surprised by his friends in celebration of his 40th birthday, and there was no shortage of Guinness.

The actor, who technically celebrates the big 4-0 later this week on August 1, shared a video of the surprise on his YouTube channel.  Momoa was under the impression he was headed to a simple sushi dinner with friends, but instead entered a massive birthday celebration. In the video, Momoa’s friends are seen prepping for the party until the actor is led into a room filled with his loved ones – and even his Game of Thrones costar Emilia Clarke. Momoa reacts with a loud “You f**ckers!”, but then happily greets his guests and his wife Lisa Bonet as well as his two children, who were on FaceTime.

The rest of the video gives us a sneak peak into the rest of the party, which appears to be sponsored by Guinness. Glasses of the frothy stout are poured generously, and Momoa is later presented with a mgiant custom cake made out of whiskey and – you guessed it – Guinness. The cake even featured an edible figurine of Momoa, which he promptly takes a bite out of.

Basically, this looks like an epic celebration that we 100% would want to attend, and further solidifies Momoa’s status as Ultimate Cool Guy and Person We Want to Hang Out With. Maybe next year we’ll get an invite?