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Japan is Building the Most Astonishing (Non-Disney) Theme Park in the World

And the early renderings look fantastic.

studio ghibli

Watch out, Disney: there’s a new amusement park in town based on a beloved movie-making institution. One year after Japan’s Aichi Prefecture announced that they would be creating a Studio Ghibli theme park, fans of the iconic anime studio are now privy to a handful of first renderings of the park. They look every bit as magical as the Hayo Miyazaki animations that inspired them.

For all the non-anime nerds, Studio Ghibli is an extremely famous animation studio based in Japan that has basically pioneered much of what we immediately call anime today. Their titles like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro are huge hits with kids and adults alike, and Hayo Miyazaki, the studio’s most famous founder has long been praised as one of the most cunning minds in studio animation.

The forthcoming park is set to be built over the remains of the World’s Fair, which, interestingly enough, already features a model of the house from film My Neighbor Totoro. New images show that kids will be able to ride around on the disease-addled demon boar from Princess Mononoke and explore an enormous replica of the intricate castle from Howl’s Moving Castle. The illustrations suggest that fan-favorite films like Kiki’s Delivery Service will also have their very own attractions at the park.

Based on a report from SoraNews24, the park will be divided into multiple sections that correspond to different films. The aforementioned castle will serve as the entrance to the park and some other sections of the park will  be called “Totoro’s Hometown” and “Princess Mononoke Village.” Beyond the small number of illustrations, a few details, and a boatload of hype, not much is known about the new park other than the fact that Studio Ghibli fans will have to wait till 2022 before they can go and enjoy it for themselves.