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Jamie Foxx Proudly Talks About His 10-Year-Old Daughter Being ‘the Only Girl’ on Her Football Team

Doing her old man proud.

During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan Tuesday, proud dad Jamie Foxx shared that his daughter Annalise is a star football player. He gushed to hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that the 10-year-old is “killing it” as the only girl in her flag football league.

“She’s had three touchdowns this year. She’s about to have a championship,” the Robin Hood actor bragged, adding that Annalise comes by her talent honestly. “We have a very competitive house. My pops was a coach, her cousins they all play. So, at the house we are constantly playing. We don’t mention girl or boy, we just get after it.”

The 50-year-old dad of two (he also has Corinne, 24) also used to play football before he started acting. He was the star quarterback at Terrell High School in Terrell, Texas, where he became the first player in the school’s history to pass for over 1,000 yards. Foxx even had dreams of going on to play for the Dallas Cowboys until he decided to go to college on a music scholarship instead.

And now, his past football experience has helped him coach his little girl. One thing he’s taught her is how to actually get the ball. “When she got on the football field, at first [the boys] didn’t want to throw it to her. But I said, ‘Annalise when you’re out, do like this,’” Foxx explained. “She waved her hands and they threw it to her, and she hit for like a 60 yarder. It was crazy.”