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James Corden Reveals the ‘Nightmare’ of Taking His Three Kids to a Restaurant

Corden knows what all parents know, which is that waiting for anything with three kids is just too difficult.


James Corden is easily one of the cheerier late night hosts. Even when the Colberts and Kimmels are getting super serious about the news cycle, Corden seems to take a more lighthearted approach to just about everything. So much so, that picturing Corden as anything less than happy feels impossible. Well, as it turns out, the 39-year-old television personality told People Magazine about a time that he does get annoyed, and it’s for a surprisingly relatable reason. According to the interview, Corden thinks eating out with his family is a “nightmare.”

Now before anyone starts carrying on like he’s being a bad dad by saying this, consider the fact that Corden has three children with his wife Julia Carey, the oldest of which is seven and the youngest of which is six-months-old. And anyone with even one kid knows that the idea of having to make it through a meal at a restaurant with children is purely about survival.

Corden explained that every time he eats out with his family, they often look like they’re “fleeing the country.” because of all the bags, toys, snacks, and miscellaneous clothing items. He went on to break down how eating out with his family has given him a lot more empathy for his own parents.

“I understand now why my parents just used to not do anything with us on the weekend, ’cause it’s too much hassle,” he explained.

And as if just getting three tiny, chaotic humans out of the house was difficult enough, sitting down, ordering, eating, paying, and leaving present their own struggles.

“You’re asking for the check before you’ve sat down,” Corden said. “You’re just shoveling pasta and butter into one of their mouths as you’re trying to eat yours. You have to leave a huge tip because the place is covered in crayons.”