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James Corden and Gisele Bündchen Take a Dance Class Taught by Toddlers

It could be the next new fitness trend.

The Late Late Show with James Condren/YouTube

In Wednesday night’s airing of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Gisele Bundchen and Corden participate in a dance class taught by toddlers. The adorable episode features the supermodel and late-night host shimmying and shaking with their young instructors in what’s being called “toddlerography.”

Before class begins, Corden, sporting a bright orange sweatband, warns Bundchen while stretching that “I know we’re both in amazing shape, but I’ve heard that this class is insane.” The former Victoria’s Secret angel brushes him off, saying “I think I can handle it,” especially when she sees that the “brutal” teacher is a little girl.

However, Bundchen soon learned that her classmate wasn’t kidding. While they started off simple, mimicking the toddlers’ moves to the tune of “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place” by Rihanna, it didn’t take long before they went from basic bobbing to fancy footwork. The duo even does what looks like breakdancing (but ends with them rolling on the floor) and Gisele attempts a split alongside one tot.

Finally, an out-of-breath Corden calls it quits. “Enough dancing,” he says, wiping his brow. “I got to take a break.”

Even Bundchen, who is well-versed in intense workouts, broke a sweat. “You weren’t kidding. That was hard,” the 38-year-old mom of two admits to Corden afterward. But it’s not over yet. Their cool-down routine? Playing with slime, of course.