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James Corden Tested How Well Daughters Know Their Dads and It Got Weird

Can you know your daughter too well?

All parents want to have close relationships with their kids. But boundaries need, of course, need to be set. Case and point: Last night, James Corden brought two women to The Late, Late Show and had them team up via video chat with their dads to see what father-daughter pair knew each other best. Things, of course, got pretty awkward.

Titled, “Face Your Father” Corden’s segment featured two adult women named Courtney and Allison and their dads, Rich and Brad. The game immediately got to a potentially uncomfortable start when Courtney and Allison were asked to name their dad’s most annoying trait, which ended with Allison lovingly calling out her dad for his penchant for “Woo-ing” at inopportune moments.

As the clip shows, it got much weirder from there, as Corden asked the two daughters if their dads ever manscape, which is a question no one wants to ask their father. Both Rich and Brad revealed that they do indeed keep things tidy in the nether region, much to the chagrin of Courtney and Allison. Later, things managed to get even more awkward for everyone involved as the daughters had to guess whether or not their dads had ever had a one-night stand. Of course, both of the dads have and told the intimate details of their sexual histories to millions of viewers, including their daughters.

In the final segment, Corden flipped the script by having the fathers guess if their daughters have any tattoos they don’t know about. Brad confidently answered that Allison had none but was shocked to learn his daughter secretly has a tattoo of a marijuana leaf on her ass.

While the game may have been awkward for the father-daughter duos, they seemed to be having fun getting to learn new things about each other. Let’s just hope none of the information revealed causes any awkward conversations at Thanksgiving dinner.