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James Corden Teamed Up With 100 Kids to Take On Manchester United

Coach Corden has arrived and it's beautiful.


Okay, so we’ve already seen 100 hundred small children strap on their cleats to go at two pro Japanese soccer players. But now, we get to watch 100 kids, plus late night host James Corden do the exact same thing, but against the Manchester United (MU) soccer club. And it turns out, adding an endearingly out-of-shape host to the kids vs pros showdown made it exponentially better.

The gag of watching dozens of small kids play soccer at the same time has been done before, but maybe never this well. Manchester United is a highly decorated soccer team, and as Corden introduced his extremely young but massive team to the Manchester players, he noted that they would pose an even greater challenge than any of the premier league squads on their schedule. 

The tiny team was introduced as The Late Late Show Football Club (LLSFC) and while they don’t look very dangerous or menacing, Corden did feel inclined to point out that, weight-wise, 100 kids is like 40 adults. Still, Manchester United put up a fight, as they managed to top their competitors by scoring two goals, while the kids and Corden only scored one. Though, one could argue that MU robbed LLSFC, as the latter’s first goal was called offsides even though there were about 17 kids offsides. Plus, the words of Corden, their coach, is it really fair to call offsides if the players can’t spell offsides?

Regardless, we may have just bore witness to the development of a gripping new soccer rivalry. While the whole thing was just for fun, someone needs to turn the ‘pro athletes vs. dozens of kids,’ into a show right now.