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‘No Time to Die’ Trailer Confirms New 007 Replacement

Bond is back. But he's not alone.

The first full trailer for the next James Bond film, No Time To Die, is here. And it looks amazing. The trailer also confirms that James Bond has competition for the “007” title.  Natasha Lynch warns Daniel Craig’s Bond that she will “shoot him in the knee…the one that works” if he gets in her way. Because this is set to be Craig’s last film as Bond, this trailer makes it very possible that James Bond will pass the 007 mantle on to Lynch’s new double-0 agent.

The trailer (watch above) also seems to low-key confirm that Rami Malek is playing a rebooted version of Dr. No. Literally, everything about the scenes with Malek makes it seem like that’s who he’s supposed to be. Here’s the big stuff from the trailer.

  • Seemingly, Bond and Madeline Swan (Léa Seydoux) decided to settle down together, but on some level, she may have betrayed him and they’ll be on the rocks in the film.
  • Bond is probably going rogue (again) which is why Natasha Lynch is warning him to be careful.
  • Bond going rogue is also probably why Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) is meeting him in a bar on the sly.
  • Christoph Waltz is 100 percent back as Blofeld! He’s taunting Bond from prison, but the fact he’s back is huge.
  • There’s a creepy masked Phantom of the Opera-ish assassin. We have no idea who this is, yet.
  • Bond’s Aston Martin DB-5 from the Sean Connery years is back, complete with hidden machine guns behind the headlights.
  • The tone of the trailer suggests Daniel Craig’s Bond could totally die.

There’s a lot more to think about, but right now, April can’t come fast enough. Bring on the biggest Bond ever!

No Time To Die is out in theaters on April 8, 2020. 

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