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Talk To Your Kids About Sex, Because Science Proves It Helps

Most of us didn’t learn anything from sex-ed in schools (unless you count the lesson that teachers getting down is disturbing), and the CDC doesn’t think that current curriculums are doing much better. So if the schools aren’t going to do it, and the hardworking men and women of the adult industry shouldn’t do it, who is? That would be you, awkward parent.

If the idea of having “the talk” with your kid makes you more nervous than your first time, relax. Science says it actually works. According to a new JAMA Pediatrics meta-analysis, just talking openly about sex helps teens become more responsible. The paper reviewed a bunch of studies (more than 52, and 25,000 subjects) about teen sex over three decades and found open “sexual communication with parents” had a “protective role” in safer sex for teens. So if you think that your children don’t want to spend an evening listening to you talk about “sperm” and “vaginas”, you’re right, but it’s necessary.

If you don’t know how to start the conversation, check out this YouTube-famous psychologist-dad who’s really passionate about answering all his kid’s q’s on sex. Too passionate? Maybe.

[youtube expand=1]

Note there were a few limitations to the study: The protective effect was stronger when moms talked to kids, and a bit more pronounced in daughters than sons. But don’t think that your wife has a better rap than you. You’ve already taught the kids about self esteem, and how not to be an entitled, materialistic brat, so you’ve got this.

[H/T]: Science of Us