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Jack Black’s Viral Mask PSA Somehow Tops His TikTok Quarantine Dance

Hilarious, and for a good cause.

Jack Black is back with another hilarious and wonderful quarantine video. That’s right: months after the famous Tenacious D musician and hilarious comedic actor posted a video to his TikTok doing a hilarious dance in bike shorts, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, Black is back with an important message.

That message, it so happens, might be the most important for Americans to hear — given that many Americans refuse to wear masks altogether and there have been public freakouts and attacks on those who have worn masks in public spaces as directed by public health experts.

Well, Jack Black’s video puts all of the debate of the merits of wearing a mask into yesteryear — and he also has a wonderful way of couching mask-wearing in a context that many of us, especially kids, will understand and appreciate.

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Be A Hero… Wear A Mask! #YourActionsSaveLives

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In this video, Black is wearing an even smaller pair of bottoms — think electric blue speedo — a red cape, and a blue eye-mask. “It’s time to be a hero,” Black says, fists on his hips. “Wear a mask,” he says, then pointing to his eyes, before noting that he doesn’t mean an eye-mask will make you a hero, rather, a face mask. Then he pulls out some PPE, puts it on his face, over his glorious quarantine beard, and in a few slow-mo shots (belly rolling gloriously) he dives into his pool like a superhero.

“Be a hero. Wear a mask,” he says, in a quasi-Captain America style PSA that also features that wonderful brand of hilarious bodily Jack Black humor. After all, if Jack Black is on the side of wearing masks, it’s hard to fight against that. But is it funnier than his viral TikTok video? It’s hard to say — although it might do more as a public good.