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J-Lo Brought Her Daughter On Stage to Sing a Duet and She Absolutely Killed It

She's definitely following in her mom's footsteps.

via Instagram / @jlo

Jennifer Lopez surprised the audience on the first night of her It’s My Party tour with a very special guest – her 11-year-old daughter, Emme. The mother-daughter duo belted out “Limitless” from the Second Act soundtrack, the 2018 romantic comedy in which Lopez’ starred, at her show in Inglewood, California.

J-Lo posted the adorable clip of her and her daughter on stage in matching red outfits, with the caption, “I can’t take it!” This commentary is totally justified from the video – Emme has got some pipes! As the 11-year-old sings her first note, J-Lo turns away with a hand on her chest, overcome with proud-mama feelings. When Emme hits a high note, J-Lo faces the audience with a look that says: “Oh, come on.”

As the song comes to an end, Lopez falls to her knees in front of Emme before scooping her up in a big hug. The audience goes absolutely wild, and J-Lo takes her daughter’s hand, instructing the crowd to “give it up for Emme!”

Fellow celebs showed an outpouring of praise for Emme in the comments. “What a voice!” Reese Witherspoon gushes, while Zoe Saldana says that “we all cried!”

Fans were also quick to point out that Emme’s talent is a genetic gift from her father, singer Marc Anthony. The pair also have another child together: Emme’s twin brother, Max.

Lopez’s concert post was not the first time that the singer showed off her daughter’s vocal chops. Last month, she shared a clip of rehearsals for her TODAY Citi Concert Series performance, in which Emme shows off her skills.

Surely, this won’t be the last time J-Lo and Emme perform together. A mother-daughter album, perhaps? We can dream.