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Your Kid Can No Longer Go To ITT Technical Institute, Even If They Wanted To

The technical college that once promised the education of the future could soon be a thing of the past. Although they’re not officially closed, on Monday ITT Technical Institute announced on their website that they are shutting down enrollment for new students. What does that mean for your kid’s bright future? Well for one, less floppy discs. They’ll also have to take any vintage STEM interests to Devry, where they’re still “serious” about your kid’s success.

While abrupt, the decision is not entirely surprising given the recent government crackdown on for-profit colleges. (You’re next, UTI!) Last week the US Department of Education placed a number of sanctions on ITT Tech, including no longer allowing them to accept federal financial aid, which it has eaten up billions of dollars of. According to a recent report from The Atlanticinstead of those billions buying better career opportunities, most students have been stuck with a ton of debt and defective VCRs instead. The school can still accept federal aid from students who have already started classes as long as they stay open, which will probably be until the school figures out how to count to (chapter) 11.

Technically speaking, this school sucks and you and your kid are better off without it. Nostalgically speaking, you might miss all their terrible late night commercials when your kid wakes you up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the ads will live on in internet infamy and will be there for you the next time you want to throw on a pair of Zubaz and reminisce. Your kid, on the other hand, will be high-tailing it into the next room.

[H/T] Gizmodo