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It’s Mister Rogers Day In Pennsylvania. Here’s How Everyone Can Celebrate

What is 1-4-3 Day?


Today is 1-4-3 Day — a day that, for the state of Pennsylvania, represents a statewide celebration of Fred Rogers and his message of love, kindness, and the neighborhood. For the uninitiated, 1-4-3 means “I Love You” in Mr. Rogers language (one = I, 4 = love, 3 = you.) The number represents a strong significance for the venerated children’s television show host, as it was the weight he maintained for his entire life and the message he often told many of his viewers. 1-4-3 day, for the state of Pennsylvania, which is where Mr. Rogers was from, always represents the 143rd day of the year.

True to Mr. Rogers’ message, this year’s 1-4-3 day theme is “helping the helpers,” and in the midst of this pandemic, that means that the essential workers who are keeping Pennsylvania safe are being thanked for their sacrifice and hard work this year.

How will folks celebrate the day this year? Pennsylvanians are encouraged to commit acts of kindness and post about them on Twitter with the hashtag #143DayPA. The Lt. Governor, John Fetterman, encouraged Pennsylvanians to write notes to teachers, neighbors, or do a favor for a friend. 

On the state of Pennsylvania’s official website, there are downloadable toolkits and a so-called kindness generator that gives you good ideas on how to commit acts of kindness today. The randomizing generator has ideas like “Email someone your favorite cat video,” and “Give someone solid advice online.” You can also download and print out signs to show thanks for first responders and use the toolkit to figure out how to give back to those who have put so much on the line to keep us safe.