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‘IT Chapter 2’ Trailer Explores the Family History of Pennywise

Looks like terrifying runs in the family...

Warner Bros. Pictures

The first trailer for IT Chapter Two dropped today and based on the three minutes of action, it looks like the highly-anticipated sequel will give viewers a look at the family history of the franchise’s terrifying monster. The trailer opens with a grown-up Beverly (now played by Jessica Chastain) returning to her childhood home in Derry, Maine, where she meets the seemingly sweet old lady who now owns the place.

The two have a bit of small talk but we see that the old lady is not quite what she seems, as she starts slithering around in a very familiar way and then shares an ominous message with her guest.

“You know what they say about Derry,” the old woman says with a disturbing cheeriness. “Nobody who dies here ever really dies.”

Beverly begins to suspect something is up as she sees a strange scar or infection on the old woman’s chest. She then begins to tell Beverly about her father, revealing that he joined the circus just as Beverly spots an old family photo with a very familiar face.

“I was always daddy’s little girl,” says Bob’s daughter(?) just before attacking her guest in the nude. “What about you? Are you still his little girl, Beverly? Are you?”

The rest of the trailer focuses on the Losers Club getting back together, as Bill (played by James McAvoy), Richie (played by Bill Hader), and the rest of the gang reunite in order to once again take down Pennywise, who makes a brief appearance at the end of the trailer. The whole thing is completely terrifying and we can’t wait to see the whole movie.

IT Chapter 2 hits theaters on Sept. 6, 2019.