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Watch Isolated Family Recreate Adorable ‘Simpsons’ Opening With Costumes

Sometimes boredom isn't all that bad.

Joel A Sutherland/Twitter

Families in isolation all spend their time differently on the internet, it seems. Some join in on viral TikTok dance challenges, some take to deep cleaning the house, others to sitting in front of the television until the sun goes down, and many more spread out across their homes, working a full day while trying to parent kids and get them to do their remote schooling. But one family absolutely won isolation in a totally unexpected way: by recreating the iconic Simpsons opening title track. 

Joel A. Sutherland, award winning author of Haunted Canada and Summer’s End who lives in Ontario, has been cooped up with his family quarantining for quite some time. On the 23rd day (according to his viral tweet) his wife, understandably, was cleaning out the basement (because what else is there to do right now?) and his kids were bored. When she found a whole set of Simpsons costumes that featured every Simpson from Homer to Maggie, Sutherland put his family to work on recreating the iconic opening title sequence for the decades-running show. 

The 90 second video, which opens up on “Bart” writing “I will social distance,” on a chalkboard in their kitchen over and over again, also plays on the social quarantining and isolating aspect of the whole world right now. Instead of working in a factory, Sutherland, in full mask, holds a hotdog in a set of tongs. “Marge” shops in the grocery store that is the living room. It’s wonderfully deranged and overwrought, and legitimately funny.