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The Internet May Have Figured Out the Royal Baby’s Due Date

Nobody is really sure how far along Markle is in her pregnancy but most are assuming at least 12 weeks.


While some will write it off as idle speculation, internet denizens think they’ve figured out when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first baby is due. The royal couple announced yesterday that they were having a baby but didn’t note how far along Markle was in her pregnancy. That hasn’t stopped folks from diligently working to calculate a due date and uncover new details about the upcoming birth. 

While two were only married in May, a source close to the royal family has alleged that Markle is about 12-weeks into her pregnancy. The source noted that Harry and Meghan wanted to wait until their three-month ultrasound before making the news public. Following that timeline, the next royal baby should be born sometime in the spring of 2019 ⏤ which, admittedly, is not terribly specific. Still, there has been an endless string of speculative reports since the couple’s wedding about everything from the quality of their marriage to whether the queen even ‘approves’ of Markel. 

It’s not just fans of the royal family though who are having a field day with the announcement of Meghan and Harry’s baby. It hasn’t even been 24-hours since the couple made their announcement and online gambling platforms are already taking bets on both the due date and the baby’s name.