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Internet Divided After Parent Admits to Flying First Class While Kids Fly Coach

Good way to save money? Or just bad parenting?


British television personality Kirstie Allsopp is catching heat after admitting that she and her husband sometimes fly business or first class while her two children sit in coach. Allsopp describes the decision in an interview as a matter of principle, arguing that neither of her sons has ‘earned’ a first-class flight.

“Club class should be [a] huge treat that you’ve worked for,” she says. “If kids get used to Club class what do they have to work towards?”

She went on to call the criticisms of her decision “utter rubbish,” “very spoiling,” and “an absurd waste of money.” In her eyes, putting her kids in coach saves the family a lot of money that can be spent on the actual vacation. While this isn’t a totally off-base way to see things, some still view flying in a separate class from your kids as bad parenting.

While Allsopp said that she makes sure to tell the flight attendants to alert her if there are any problems, some think the attendants are getting short end of the stick. It’s not their job to babysit her kids.

Then again, it’s not like the kids are suffering in steerage. Allsopp’s sons are 10- and 12-years-old, which means they’re right at the age where parents can elect to leave them to their own devices (literally) without it being a huge concern.