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This Interactive Graph Shows Which Careers Will Pay Your Daughter More Than Your Son

It’s not your fault that your wife makes 79 cents to your dollar, but the wage gap exists and it sucks. Pretending it doesn’t means you’re not just benefiting from institutional gender discrimination; it means you’re a dick. At the same time, every industry is different and you want to believe that there are at least some where your spouse or daughter could dominate. Well, The Wall Street Journal analyzed census data and found that, out of 466 occupations, women make marginally more in only 7. At least they softened the blow by putting the data into a cool interactive graph.

If you’ve already got your daughter coding because you know STEM jobs pay better, you might need switch things up — the jobs where women out-earn men aren’t what you’d think. Women do best against their male peers as utilities meter readers ($40,115 versus $37,962); wood sawing machine setters and operators ($27,399 versus $26,878); highway maintenance workers ($38,813 versus $38,479); dietitians and nutritionists ($50,142 versus $49,536); telecommunications line installers and repairers (51,311, versus $50,646); crane towers and operators ($54,710 versus $52,461), and finally, transportation, storage and distribution managers ($54,117 versus $52,848). Obviously, if you want your girl to win the gender wars, don’t have her play with computers. Have her play with trucks.

Of course, those aren’t the highest paying jobs overall, so maybe Coding Camp will pay off in the long run. And since the tech industry seems to recently have found religion on gender equality, maybe the pay gap will be addressed before she graduates college. As for your wife … maybe buy her a wood saw for her birthday?

[H/T] The Wall Street Journal

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