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Instagram Star Lil Tay Got Her Mom Fired With Offensive Posts

Lil Tay tried to respond, but the internet has already hit the ground running with this.

Instagram @liltay

Nine-year-old online sensation Lil Tay, who calls herself the “youngest flexer in the country,” has garnered notoriety for her aggressively braggadocious and over the top Instagram and Twitter videos. Many of them show the little girl sitting in the driver’s seat of extremely expensive sports cars (sometimes next to her husky dog @swagrman), shouting about what a “broke bitch” everyone else is, shitting on her “haters,” and making it rain twenty dollar bills. Yes, it’s grating, but she still has two million Instagram followers. However, thanks to her viral antics, her mom now has zero jobs.

According to a VICE report, Tay’s mother, Angela Tian was fired from Pacific West Realty in Vancouver, Canada, where she had been working as a real estate agent for the past six months, after she asked her boss David Yang if her two kids could sit in his Mercedes Benz 500 SL then post a video of Tay sitting in the driver’s seat of his car while spewing obscenities and, naturally, passing the vehicle off as her own. Yang had apparently not been warned that Tian was filming for Instagram.

“When we found out about this activity last week we had to dismiss her,” Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, told Daily Hive, before explaining that the girl’s videos have “no place,” in real estate. It wasn’t long after the news broke that Daily Hive posted a story claiming that Tian had resigned before Yang could fire her. 

A Global News report said that Tian also allowed her daughter to film a video inside of a listed luxury apartment that was being sold by one of her co-workers. The wild thing about this whole situation is that Lil Tay constantly puts other people down for ‘fake flexing,’ or renting the riches that they flaunt. She always makes it a point to note that she doesn’t rent anything and that all her cash is her own. Clearly that’s not the case — not that anyone should be surprised given the obviously contrived persona.

Fundamentally, it’s hard not to suppose that if Lil Tay was slightly less vulgar that her mom would still have a job. But who knows. She probably would be a lot less popular on Instagram, which celebrates this sort of over-the-top performance in ways that professional people and business owners generally do not.

After this entire controversy, the nine-year-old posted a video to social media in which she’s seen crying and saying that she just wants to make her mom proud, before telling viewers that they can just block her if they don’t want to see her content filling up their social media feeds. It’s a rough watch. She is, after all, just a kid.

Her response didn’t seem to help her win her back any credibility with her followers, who continued to troll her despite the fact that, again, she is nine-years-old. So, at the end of the day, everyone comes away looking awful. Welcome to the internet.