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Take a Minute to Vote for the Inflatable T-Rex Costume for the 2017 Toy Awards

After careful consideration, I have decided to endorse this costume.

Earlier this month, the Toy Industry Association announced the finalists for its annual Toy of the Year awards, where the public can vote for their favorite toys from 2017 in a variety of categories, including action figure, game, and doll of the year. But the category that most toy aficionados tend to focus on is “Innovative Toy of the Year”, which recognizes the product that broke the newest ground or paved a path for the future of toys. As usual, there are many great nominees for innovative toy but, for my money, none can compare to the pure spectacle and imagination of Rubie’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume.

The T-Rex costume has been around for a few years but 2017 was when it finally broke out. People dressed as these realistic, but goofy-looking, dinosaurs were suddenly everywhere. They were picking up their kids from school, restaging scenes from the classic movie. The costume even managed to make some White House news when someone dressed up as a T-Rex for Halloween appeared to have freaked Donald Trump out.

And all of this attention came for good reason. This costume may be the best animal 0utfit of all time. That might sound like an exaggeration but really think about it. Animal costumes are surprisingly difficult to pull off. Unless you have a hook-up at Disneyland, dressing up as a lion, tiger, or bear usually involves finding clothing that matches the animal’s fur, painting on some whiskers, and strapping on some ears if necessary. Someone who dressed up as a cat never actually ended up looking like a cat. They looked like a person dressed up as a cat. This is why the inflatable T-Rex costume is such a gamechanger because the costume is realistic — and silly — enough to work.

The costumes also have the rare ability to make literally anything you are doing at least twice as funny as it would normally be. Have you seen someone running in one of these things? You will laugh an uncomfortable amount watching it. Look at those tiny arms! Watch the head wag! Just watch this T-Rex twirl at ballet.

So if you decide to exercise your right to vote for the most innovative toy of the last year, consider voting for Rubie’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume. Because in a world that often feels overwhelmingly dark and depressing, sometimes we all just need to stop and celebrate a totally awesome dinosaur costume. Voting is open between now and January 5 on the official Toy Awards website, where you can pick your favorite toys in any of the 17 categories. Spread the word.