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‘Incredibles 2’ Blu-ray Includes New Edna Mini-Movie and ‘Bao’

It's almost here, with a ton of new stuff.


The most popular family movie of the year, and perhaps one of the greatest Pixar movies of all time, Incredibles 2 will finally be hitting Blu-ray and streaming, very, very soon. And the good news is, there will be a lot of new stuff on the release. Not only are ten deleted scenes included, but also, a totally new 10-minute mini-movie featuring fashion designer, and fan favorite, Edna Mode. The streaming and Blu-ray and digital release will also include the short film “Bao,” which played before the movie in theaters. Here’s everything families need to know.

First off, Incredibles 2 will be out for digital download on October 23. (This means iTunes and Movies Anywhere.)  If you want the physical Blu-ray or you want to rent it “on demand,” that happens on November 6.

In addition to the actual movie, there are a ton of special features on both the Blu-ray and the digital download version of the movie. This includes the usual behind-the-scenes documentaries and interviews with the cast and crew. One standout here is a feature called “The Coolest Man in Show Business,” all about Samuel L. Jackson and how his love of comic books shaped his entire career.

And then, there’s the new movie about Edna, the hilarious tiny woman who designs the super-suits for the Parr family. In this movie, Edna makes an awesome suit for little Jack Jack, but the action of her creating it all happened off-screen; until now! The 10-Minute mini-movie will document exactly what Edna had to do to make a super-suit to accommodate the various powers Jack Jack wields.

Finally, as per Pixar tradition, a heartwarming short-film proceeded Incredibles 2. This one was called Bao, and thankfully will be included on all home video releases of Incredibles 2.