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Impossibly Handsome Dad John Stamos Showed Off His Impossibly Cute Baby On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Whoa, baby!

It’s hard to one-up one of the most attractive men in the world, but little baby Billy managed to steal his dad’s thunder. John Stamos of Full House and General Hospital fame spent his Halloween on Jimmy Kimmel Live trying to promote his latest show Us on Lifetime, but he got a little distracted.

Stamos became more than just a beloved uncle in April when his wife gave birth. Billy celebrated his first Halloween dressed as Mork, in a handmade costume, while his mother was Mindy of Robin Williams’s quirky show about an alien from Ork called Mindy & Mork.

His wife Caitlin McHugh was just off stage with his son Billy. The new dad grabbed his son and brought him on stage to meet Kimmel. Stamos was refreshingly affectionate with his son, making noises in his ear, kissing him and just looking like the proudest father who had ever lived.

“Isn’t he just the most beautiful baby?” Stamos told Kimmel. “I’m so in love.”

“This is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,” Kimmel agreed. “You gotta make more of these.”

Stamos wasn’t so sure about that. Even though he loves his son more than anything, Stamos said that his son was kind of affecting his sex life and called Billy a “c-block.” Uncle Jesse probably had the same qualms about fathering twins on Full House.

What is clear from just watching little Billy stand on Kimmel’s desk—with his dad’s assistance—is that Billy Stamos is not afraid of cameras, bright lights and already has his father’s charming smile down pat. We’re going to expect great things (and hair) from him.