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It’s Impossible to Hate The New ‘Christopher Robin’ Trailer

Thankfully, it dials back some of the creepy that made the first one so suspect.

Youtube Disney

The first trailer for Christopher Robin, Disney’s live-action take on the classic children’s cartoon Winnie the Pooh, was off-putting. Between the jarring CGI and Pooh’s soft yet grown-baby British accent, the whole thing was a little creepy. Thankfully, the new trailer doesn’t pick up where the first left off: It’s actually adorable.  

If you missed the first trailer, the film follows a grown-up Christopher Robin (played by Ewan McGregor) many years after the wells of his youthful exuberance have run dry. Unlike his younger self, the adult Christopher seems not only to lack imagination but he’s also become jaded by his job in London, a long way away from the Hundred Acre Wood, and a less than attentive dad and husband. But guess what? That’s all about to change when Pooh and company show up to help him “rediscover the joys of family, the value of friendship, and the simple pleasures in life.”

From the second 90-second sneak peek, it’s clear that the filmmakers had some fun adapting a classic book to a modern setting. As such, viewers are treated to some funny meta moments in which Pooh, a live stuffed animal, explores London unaware that most people would be freaked out by a talking teddy bear. The trailer doesn’t give away much, but it looks like Disney is primed for another solid entry into their live-action canon. Christopher Robin hit theatres on August 3rd.