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Impossible Pork Is Coming So You Can Eat Bacon Without Making Your Kids Cry

This is great news for parents of pig-loving kids.


The late 2010s saw the rise of plant-based meat substitutes that went beyond standard veggie burgers (which are still good!) using scientifically-derived recipes that more exactly replicated the taste and texture of meat. The biggest success story of all of these is the Impossible Burger, which is now available at Burger King, White Castle, and tons of other restaurants across the country.

But now the company is looking to the future. CEO Pat Brown says that “We won’t stop until we eliminate the need for animals in the food chain and make the global food system sustainable.” Creating an Impossible version of pork, the most popular meat in the world, is the natural next step for Brown’s company.

Amidst the gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show, Impossible Foods is serving samples of its newest product in both Banh mi sandwich and dumpling form, a nod to the rapidly expanding Southeast Asian market the company is expanding into, where pork is by far the most popular meat.

Americans will be able to get their hands on Impossible Sausage Croissan’wiches at select Burger Kings later this month.

In a way, Impossible Pork was a victim of the success of Impossible Burgers. When the popularity of the latter exploded in the United States, development of the former took a back seat, as even the food science PhDs who worked at the company were tasked with packing boxes to meet demand.

Impossible Pork will likely be healthier than its inspiration, and it’ll definitely be better for the planet.

The imminent arrival of a meatless pork facsimile is also great news for parents who like pork but have kids, inspired by BabePeppa PigCharlotte’s Web, and/or a trip to the petting zoo, who love pigs as animals. Switching from real pork to the plant-based version could help them avoid lots of tears without, if the pretty damn accurate taste of the Impossible Burger is any sign, sacrificing much in terms of flavor.