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Ikea’s New Restaurant Concept Requires Diners To Assemble Their Meals

When it comes to “building” a future together, clinical psychologists and most recently single people agree: Ikea hates couples and is out to destroy them. Okay not really, but they’re not helping your cause. At least now the furniture retailer is hoping to help people avoid arguing hangry. This week they announced plans for a pop-up restaurant called The Dining Clubbecause apparently Fight Club was taken?

As easy as it sounds, eating at The Dining Club is slightly more complicated than a trip to your local store. It is set to be open from September 10 to September 25 at their Shoreditch, London location only. Though they will still have your typical Ikea fare such as meatballs and more meatballs, the aim of the restaurant is mostly to get people to assemble to food themselves. Those clever Scandinavian bastards will host a variety of cooking sessions with trained chefs to teach people how to prepare meals for up to 20 people. And you thought you were just there to buy a new kitchen table that you’d have to put together.

IKEA Opens A Restaurant With Meal Assembly

If you happen to be in the UK and want to get your Swedish Chef on, the entire experience is free including the alcohol — so maybe they’re not total monsters. Still, you better hope it doesn’t go well or else they might try to do it in America. Because the one thing you don’t need between fighting about what to buy and fighting about how to build it is fighting over how to cook a meatball.

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