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IKEA Recalls Changing Tables: Here’s What You Need to Know

Apparently it's user error.


IKEA is recalling one of its popular baby changing tables after the Swedish retailer received three reports of babies falling off the SUNDVIK furniture.

According to the recall, which was announced on Tuesday, the incidents occurred when the foldable part of the changing table/chest of drawers came loose, causing the child to roll off the edge. In all three cases, IKEA says that the safety locking fittings were either not used properly or not used at all.

“The fitment and use of the safety lock fittings provided are integral to the overall safety and intended safe use of the product, and therefore must be used at all times,” IKEA warned in its news release, adding that the SUNDVIK table “is intended to be used in a fixed position as either a changing table or a storage chest and not as an everyday multi-function product.”

IKEA will provide free replacement safety locking kits to anyone who has one of the SUNDVIK tables and who has lost or damaged the fittings. Customers do not have to have a receipt or any proof of purchase to receive the complimentary kits.

Parents will also be given an updated instruction booklet as the company says that the changing table, which retails for $169 and is sold in three different colors, is safe when used as intended. For more information or to request new safety locks, customers can contact the IKEA Customer Contact Centre at +65 6786 6868 or visit an IKEA store.

“Safe products are always an IKEA priority and we are truly sorry to hear about the incidents but grateful that, to our knowledge, the children are fine,” Children’s Business Area Manager Emelie Knoester said on Facebook. “IKEA has now taken precautionary actions and will further improve the product communication.”

Dear IKEA fans, if you have bought the SUNDVIK changing table/chest please read on:IKEA urges all customers that have…

Posted by IKEA on Monday, April 29, 2019