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IKEA Offers All Of Its U.S. Employees Groundbreaking Paid Parental Leave

Starting January 1, 2017 the U.S. division of IKEA will offer an expanded paid leave policy that will make you want to know the Swedish word for awesome. It’s grymt bra, and though that’s a little too close to gym bra, the company’s hourly and salaried workers will now get up to 4 months of paid parental leave. So bring on the gym bras, because that’s some mighty fine craftsmanship.

The new policy, which applies to mothers and fathers as well as adoptive and foster parents, is a big leap from their previous policy – 5 days of paid leave to new parents (better than nothing), plus up to 8 weeks of paid disability for new moms. Employees who have worked at IKEA for a year or more will receive full base pay for the first 6 weeks of their leave, in addition to 6 weeks of half of their base pay. For those who have worked with the furniture retailer for 3 years or more, they can rake in 8 weeks full pay along with 8 weeks of half pay. All they have to do is make a human.

According to IKEA, they’re just getting back to their Swedish roots, and that just so happens to benefit about 13,000 employees according to the Associated PressBut, it’s seemingly also an effort to attract and retain more workers — in case you’re looking to change careers for more time with your family. You didn’t need another excuse to eat tiny meatballs everyday for lunch, but at least this is a good one.

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