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If Your Kid Is Acting Drunk Make Sure They Didn’t Drink Your Hand Sanitizer

You know your kid is a germ-ridden biological weapon ready to spread the sniffles every time he puts his grubby little hands all over your iPad. But new numbers out from the Georgia Poison Center say if your turning to hand sanitizers as a solution, sometimes they can cause more harm than good.

Concern is growing over mixing kids and those ubiquitous bottles favored by paranoid germophobes everywhere. Hand sanitizers can contain dangerously high levels of alcohol, often accounting for between 45 percent and 95 percent of the product. The result: Calls to poison control centers across the US resulting from young children ingesting the high ABV substances have leaped 400 percent – from 3,266 incidents in 2010 to 16,117 last year, according to CNN.

Ideally, you’d like the first time your offspring gets a taste of booze to be when you finally offer him a sip of your favorite beer, not when he wonders what a few drops of Purell taste like. According to experts, the best idea is to keep all sanitizers out of the reach of children or to consider alcohol-free products. Then, firmly let your kids know they can’t drink hand sanitizer until they are over 21-years-old. After that, whatever floats your boat, bud.