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Idris Elba Will Play the Villain in the Upcoming ‘Fast and Furious’ Spin-Off

What does this mean for the Vin-Rock beef? And what sort of villain will Elba be?

There is perhaps no action franchise in the history of film that understands the importance of “Go Big or Go Home” more than the Fast and the Furious. Are the movies feeling a bit stale? Add the Rock. Need a new baddie? Call up Jason Statham. And now, the franchise has outdone itself again as the Rock announced yesterday that Idris Elba will be playing the villain in Hobbs and Shaw, the upcoming Fast and Furious spin-off movie that will focus on former villain Deckard Shaw and former Diplomatic Security Service Agent Luke Hobbs.

The Rock announced the exciting news via Instagram, saying that he and Elba had been hoping to work together for years, with the Rock adding that “Every great hero needs an even greater villain.” Along with Elba, David Leitch (Deadpool 2) will be directing the spin-off, while actress Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) has been cast as an MI-5 agent who also happens to be Shaw’s sister. One person who almost certainly will not be in the Hobbs and Shaw is Vin Diesel, as he and the Rock famously clashed during the filming of Fate and the Furious and reportedly the two still have major beef with each other.

He’s bad, but I’m dangerous

But forget about all the behind-the-scenes drama, the only question that really matters is what sort of villain will Elba be? The announcement featured no details about the character but based on Elba’s strong silent persona combined with his effortless ability to be the coolest person in any room suggests that he’ll be a terrifying puppet master who is always a few steps ahead of our heroes.

Of course, we won’t really know much about his character until the movie is actually released but don’t be surprised if at some point in the movie it is revealed that Elba’s character has allowed himself to be captured as a part of his super evil plan. Or, at the very least, Elba will explain to Hobbs and Shaw that he’s been manipulating their actions the entire time via a sinister monologue. Either way, we can’t wait to check out Elba embrace his dark side.