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Hot Dads Have Officially Taken Over People’s Sexiest Man Alive

That dad bod, though.

Getty Images

The easiest way to win People‘s Sexiest Man Alive award: Be a dad. After all, that’s a key trait of the last five winners, now joined by British actor—and, yep, dad of two—Idris Elba. The 46-year-old, who’s also a fan favorite for the next Bond movie, became the 33rd recipient of the coveted award early this morning, replacing 2017 winner Blake Shelton.

But despite describing his win as “a nice surprise — an ego boost for sure,” it wasn’t the highlight of his life so far. That honor goes to the day he became a father to his kids, 16-year-old daughter, Isan, and 4-year-old son, Winston. “Being witness to the birth of my children is the biggest and best thing ever,” he gushed. “I’m super doting, big hugs, kisses, lots of love-yous. I’m sure my daughter’s like, ‘All right Dad, chill out.’ My son is still at that age where he loves a cuddle.”

Apparently, Elba isn’t the only one proving that being a good father is, well, pretty hot, either. For five years in a row, the winners have all been dads (Blake Shelton, Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, and Chris Hemsworth). Coincidence? We think not.

Because, according to the editor-in-chief of People, handsome looks only go so far. It’s about being a good husband, a good father, or just an all-around good guy, too. And Elba has the good father role down pat. The Mountain Between Us star has even described his perfect day off as “hanging out with my kids doing something completely unexpected and just having some fun.”

And while the dad may have been shocked to win the Sexiest Man Alive title (“I was like, ‘Come on, no way. Really?'”), don’t expect Elba to give it up anytime soon. In an Instagram video for People, he said, “Now, you’ve seen [other winners] come and you’ve seen them go. But I’m, I’m here to stay baby.”